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Lol matchmaking rigged

Saoirse Ronan

rating 5

25 years old


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Matchmaking still rigged?

And it also shouldn't put A behaviour score players versus F behaviour score players in ranked match making. This may be fine in unranked, but ranked is about skills, not attitude. I see so many highly positive players which is good , but who get free wins because they are put vs F behaviour score players, who usually consists of either drunken Russians or account buyers. They deserve it, don't they? They are F for a reason and positive attitude should be encouraged. But it shouldn't be encouraged at the cost of actual skills. I am F myself. The reason I got here wasn't because I was bad.

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Ranked is flawed but not in the way you're thinking But it's far easier to quit something than get good at it You won't be missed Peace I love it when people are all "you don't know something" and then just don't go into any more detail at all. Ranked is completely inherently flawed in that we are playing a 5v5 competitive team game with 4 random teammates using a system designed originally for chess and later adapted to work for teams of highly trained sports people who routinely practice together, which doesn't rate you on your ability to PLAY the game well, but only on your ability to WIN the game, something i find beyond ridiculous considering that i could literally log in right now and intentionally lose every game if i were so inclined, and there would be nothing anyone on my team could do about it. Sure in 5s it's a great system, but i just lost 3 matches in a row because i couldn't "carry harder", a term that's very existence is evidence that what i'm saying is right; if the common answer for "why the hell is ranked in this game so stupid" is "carry harder" or, to phrase it another way "play so well that the fact that there are 4 people on your team who are essentially helping the enemy team win is irrelevant" there is something very wrong with the game. If you were watching a football or soccer match on TV and one of the players had scored 5 goals, but another was repeatedly taking the ball and scoring in his own goal and then being all "omg, I'm so sorry, i didn't realize this was our goal", would you say that the rest of his teammates deserved to lose due to his exceptionally poor performance? Unlikely, what i presume you and most reasonable people would do is think "my god, that guy is either stupid, or REALLY sucks at this game. They shouldn't let him play in such a serious match until he understands fundamental gameplay concepts, because when you play THAT badly, there's no way your team can come back.

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If you win a couple with your artefact deck, for example, I do wonder if there's algorithms then aimed at matching you with an artefact-killer. To stop endless winning runs, for example; it's something a lot of online games do by handicapping the opposition, balancing it, and so on. In effect, this means the games are won before and during the initial deal. The most basic players can then automate their process and would be hard-pressed to lose. This kind of situational gaming is very, very bad for the health and longevity of Gwent. People will simply not keep returning if it's down to who you randomly play against - it adds yet another layer of "random" into a game that's already creaking under the weight of RNG problems.

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[Locked] Warzone matchmaking is definitely rigged/ranked

If you are good you will rise regardless of the team this is what it means to be pro and if your bad then you deserve to be where you are. It's the feelings of a minority of fucked up people that go into every game thinking they're the best in the world. People who play casually for fun don't give 2 shits about what number they're at.

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